In Pakistan, graveyards have always been the most neglected field. The topic has never been given the importance, as it should be according to the seriousness of the topic. The Government and other responsible associations have always treated this case with carelessness. The Graveyards, which are supposed to be a place of mourning have acted as a platform for criminal activities due to the rule of certain mafia. These include from drug addicts to underworld criminals and many more activities. The Graveyards representatives are themselves involved in these illegal activities. Nobody cares about how the dead bodies are treated after their funeral.

In account of these problems a light of hope arises in Karachi, as for the first time a graveyard has been founded which has a different face altogether for every one namely, ‘WADI-A-HUSSAIN’. The Wadi-a-Hussain Graveyard is over an area of 12 acres, near the Super Highway. Two brothers known as ‘Sheikh Sakhawat Ali’ and ‘Sheikh Yawar Ali’ founded the Graveyard. The concept of the Wadi-a-Hussain Graveyard was given by Haji Mohammad Yousuf Naqvi (Late), the first person to be burried in the graveyard was his elder brother. The vicinity is currently operating under the supervision of Syed Mohammad Alam Zaidi.

Founded in 1999, WADI-A-HUSSAIN has been working very well since then, as it is one of the most low priced graveyards in Karachi, with just Rs 4000 for a grave and offering unique services which no one at the time offers. With more then 350 graves already, the idea of the respected funerals, and making this Grave yard look like a Holy place is seem to working nicely.